ZTech Knives is proud to offer a beautiful and ultra-durable Karambit OTF knife, perfect for everyday tasks. Our precision crafted blade provides an efficient cutting experience and its ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time. So reliable you can depend on it every day!

Introduction To The Karambit Otf Knife
The Karambit OTF (Out The Front) knife is a unique and versatile tool that has gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, self-defense practitioners, and collectors alike. With its distinct curved blade resembling a tiger's claw, the Karambit OTF knife originated in Southeast Asia and was traditionally used for agricultural purposes and as a utility tool. However, its design quickly caught the attention of martial artists who recognized its potential as a formidable self-defense weapon.
Featuring an innovative out-the-front mechanism, the Karambit OTF knife allows for quick deployment of the blade with a simple push or pull action of a thumb slide. This swift deployment makes it an ideal choice for tactical situations where speed is critical. The ergonomic handle of the Karambit OTF provides excellent grip and control, ensuring precise handling during use.