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By placing an order online with Raptorknife LLC, customers confirm that they are at least 18 years old and are aware of all local, state and federal laws regarding possession or carrying of the product they have ordered.

Customers are responsible for complying with their government regulations.

Customs Questions:
Our shipments are sent from China to various countries, and the shipping risk for international orders is borne by Raptorknife. By placing an international order, Raptorknife assumes all risks of confiscated en route, additional charges or lost packages. If the item is confiscated by customs or returned to us, we will issue a refund.

Release, Risk, Disclaimer and Indemnity Agreement:

OTFKNIFEWHOLESALE LLC does not warrant that a person or company may lawfully sell, buy, possess or carry any and all items offered under federal, state or local law. These items include, but are not limited to pocket knives, switch knives, knives, items with hidden blades, and double-edged blades. We believe it is extremely important to follow the guidelines established by state law. By purchasing any item from OTFKNIFEWHOLESALE .com, the buyer warrants that he complies with all federal, local and state laws and is able to legally purchase such items.

Knives can be dangerous if not handled properly. Keep away from children. We strongly recommend that items purchased from OTFKNIFEWHOLESALE are not sold to minors without parental permission.

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